Photo of Simon East

I am a sound artist and composer working in the field of interactive installations and performances. I often work with qudraphonic and ambisonic surround sound. I also incorporate video into some of the works I produce.

My focus is on producing fully interactive pieces where participants have very clear feedback on what their input is adding to the work, such that they become part of the performance. Much of my work uses movement inputs from smart watches or smartphones to trigger audio or visual responses.

Recent Work

Choreographic Coding Lab

July 2022, Chatham: I attended this CCL Workshop with Rebecca Evans from Pell Ensemble where we worked with other coders and performers to integrate Flowfal into a scratch performance.

Dovetailing Responses

November 2021, Ilkley: I was asked by the creators of Dovetailing to contribute to the follow on Dovetailing Responses Installation at the Manor House Museum in Ilkley. For this I took the original sound designs of the Responses video and produced versions for my Movuku App that allowed visitors to add to the installation soundscape by making movements with their phone.

800 Lifetimes

August 2021, Bedford: I was part of the team lead by Pell Ensemble that produced a 45 minute contemporary dance, sound and voice performance called 800 Lifetimes using my Flowfal system.

Frequency Festival

October 2019, Lincoln: I was commissioned by Frequency Festival to create a new immersive soundscape using Sonolope. Visitors were able to trigger sounds and move them in 3D space by moving smart watches they were given. This is a video of the installation.

Wild Wood

October 2016, Bradford: I was commissioned by UnCommons Wild Woods festival to create a new immersive soundscape using Sonolope. This iteration also included movement controlled visual effects. This is a video of the installation.

Sonolope Installations

2016 to 2018: Together with Maria Kapsali commisioned to create Sonolope installations at a number of events: the National Media Museum in Bradford, a Materiality Symposium at Leeds University, Verspertine in York, and the Metabody Conference at Brunel University.

Body Remixer

October 2014, Leeds: Together with Jane Wood commisioned to create a visual installation called Body Remixer for Light Night Leeds. Photos were captured of participants which were then chopped up into three sections and the mixed up and projected onto the side of Leeds City Gallery. This is a video of the installation. We were asked to run this installations several times after that at: Nottingham Light Night, the National Media Museum, and for BBC 1xtra at Bradford College.


I am based near Leeds, in the UK.

Contact me via the social media links at the bottom of the page.

Or contact me via email me at: [email protected]